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Stunning statistics show that a majority of travel conversions don’t take place because of lack of trust in the brand. Same goes for ecommerce. This proves that brand position matters to the customer. Softtech Planets effective & comprehensive brand strategy would definitely give you an edge in the market. After all, your brand speaks about how your products & services are different from your competitor’s.

Our branding experts, who have given a facelift to several known brands, from different industries, would pay a lot of attention to your brand story, it’s positioning, identity, and budget, of course!


It all starts with your logo, which is unique to your brand and forms a major part of its identity. Next, we create your website, the online face of your company, telling your potential market what do you do, and how you do it better than your competitors. These website designing services are guaranteed to be unique, responsive web design (Mobile Friendly), provide a smooth user interface & an unforgettable experience. Next, we remain actively connected with your audience through social media marketing. We use a variety of platforms

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for this purpose. Banner ads are also used. Then, by following the latest trends in the world of search engine optimization, we boost your website rankings on keywords relevant to your business.

  1. Want to secure foothold in today’s highly‐competitive market?
  2. Want to join the league of the most‐trusted brands?
  3. Want your newly‐launched brand to pose as big?
  4. Your small company to stand out in the crowd?


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UX designers ensure that the product logically and smoothly flows from one step to another. They often conduct in-person user tests to check the behaviour of the user. They identify the issues, and work towards eliminating them to create the best user experience.

While UX designers deal with the experience the product provides, UI designers are concerned with the layout of the product. They design each page and guide the users through the product interface. The interface is enriched with visual assets to enhance a user’s experience. UI designing is somewhat similar to graphic designing

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