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Softtech Planets is a professional yet affordable SEO company in Gwalior, India. We provide these services irrespective of the size, or the nature of the business. Do you think that effective digital marketing is only possible on a big budget? Think again!

Building a website means drawing on reserves of money, energy, and strength. Your employees work endlessly on researching ideas. They are transformed into words and penned down.


Photographs are taken and graphics are designed. Videos are edited. All the elements are assembled together and undergo a check for quality. If you spend so much on your site, why do you compromise its digital marketing?

After all, what good is a website when it does not reach its potential and existing customers?

Why don’t you:


Ask us for completely free SEO analysis of your website, to be conducted by our experienced specialists. They would research what adwords are relevant to your site niche, study the traffic it’s getting, determine what mistakes you are making, and how your competitors are gaining from them.


Our aim is to optimize your website in a way that users looking for goods/services you sell/provide find you, and get converted into clients. Attracting relevant users means taking one step toward business prosperity.


At Futuristic Simplified Computing Private Limited, we have achieved a huge success rate in delivering cost­ effective results at search engines such as Google and Bing. We are an SEO agency in Gwaliorthat takes pride in using organic and white hat SEO techniques.


Affordable SEO Packages & Pricing in India

Best SEO Packages have been bifurcated on the basis of local Business,Global Business and E-commerce Platforms.

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